EBO Qualifying Bass-TEC Teams

**Note: Teams are made up from the final standings from the previous year. 

;The top 4 teams from the final standings from each participating club, are invited to fish in the Georgia State Team Championship event, that is called the Georgia Bass-TEC. (TEC: Total Electric Championship)

Example: 2019 Bass-TEC Teams were based off of final standings from 2018.

The Bass-TEC event is fished in the spring the following year.


Josh Adams / Brandon Rich

Michael Geiger / Randy Moore

Adam Higgins / Alex Williamson

Tim Wyatt / Aaron Cole


**2019 Georgia Bass-TEC Club Champions

**Tim Wyatt / Aaron Cole- 2nd place overall

From Left to Right: Randy Moore, Tim Wyatt, Michael Geiger, Brandon Rich, Josh Adams, Adam Higgins, Aaron Cole, Alex Williamson

2019 Bass-TEC Club Champions 


Michael Geiger / Randy Moore

Tim Wyatt / Justin Reynolds

Juan Hernandez / John Gilbert

Josh Adams / Brandon Rich


**2020 Georgia Bass-TEC 7th place Club


Michael Geiger / Randy Moore

Chris Gayton / Nick White

Joey Morse / Brandon Davis

Jeff Cash / David Baity

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